The small and dedicated team at MSCC are taking a holiday break until Wednesday, 10th August 2016.  All enquires and orders will be responded to on our return.

  • The Maternity Services Consumer Council is a consumer organisation that promotes the rights of women throughout the birthing cycle.
  • We believe that birth is a normal life cycle event.
  • We oppose the unnecessary medicalisation of childbirth.
  • This website contains information on how maternity care is provided in New Zealand and the options available to women.

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 Maternity Information  Leaflets  Advocacy  Newsletter  Researched Articles
The MSCC provides a wide range of information on topics and current issues relating to the maternity services in New Zealand The MSCC produces and distributes leaflets covering topics relating to maternity care and a women’s options throughout the childbirth cycle The MSCC advocates for women and families encouraging them to participate in all decisions relating to their pregnancy, birth and parenting options The MSCC publishes a quarterly newsletter which is available to members. The newsletter features articles on a range of controversial issues The MSCC researches and produces articles on maternity topics as well as highlighting international and national studies on maternity care