After the Birth: Your Choice

This pamphlet is the third of three in the Your Choice series. It contains information on the Shanti - After the Birthprocedures and             interventions that are offered to the mother (namely the Anti-D injection) and to their babies during the early       postpartum period following birth. The pamphlet provides information about the benefits and risks of the                following tests and procedures:

  • Anti-D injection for mothers
  • Cord blood banking
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn baby check
  • Vitamin K injection
  • Jaundice
  • Newborn metabolic screening
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Length of postnatal stay
  • Postnatal care visits
  • Well child provider
  • Vaccinations 

None of these tests are compulsory and it is important that the midwife or doctor explains each of the tests or procedures that are offered. It is your choice as to whether or not you have any of them.

Single copies of After the Birth: Your Choice are available free of charge. There is a charge for postage/handling costs for all orders of multiple copies.