Waitakere Maternity Hospital

It is time to do something about Waitakere Hospital’s maternity unit. West Auckland women deserve something better than a refurbished old people’s ward. Fifty years ago Waitakere Maternity hospital opened its doors in what is now the Snelgar Building. It was a purpose- built maternity unit. Nineteen years ago the maternity unit was moved into what had been until then wards for old people. There was no public consultation about this retrograde step, but a few MSCC members attended the opening ceremony which took place in April 1995 and was followed by a guided tour.

Over the past two decades Middlemore Hospital has built a new maternity facility, North Shore Hospital upgraded their maternity unit, and National Women’s Hospital was shifted to the 9th floor of a brand new state-of-the-art hospital building which had all the bells and whistles. Why have West Auckland women been left with a make-do unit that has long passed its use by date, and was never fit for purpose anyway?

The MSCC decided to take action!

“Westful Thinking” – Presentation at NGO forum May 2014

Reply from Waitemata DHBs CEO

Letter to Waitemata DHBs CEO – December 2013


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