Choices For Childbirth

The first health professional you see in your pregnancy is required to provide you with information regarding the options you have for caregivers and place of birth. Our Choices for Childbirth leaflet covers;

  • Where to give birth
  • Choosing a caregiver
  • What does it cost?
  • Information
  • Pregnancy
  • Labour and birth
  • After the baby is born
  • Your rights during pregnancy and birth

“A women’s satisfaction with her birth experience is related to more to her involvement in decision-making than to the outcome. But women need the information necessary to make informed choices and decisions” - Sarah Buckley

If you would like to receive a copy of Choices for Childbirth a single copy is available free of charge. If you wish to order multiple copies then please contact us at or download a copy of our order form from our website. Please note there is a charge for ordering multiple copies of this series of pamphlets; the charge depends on how many you order.