Newsletter 116

Newsletter 116

WELCOME,  TENA KOUTOU KATOA,  KIA ORANA, TALOFA LAVA,  MALO LELEI,  FAKAALOFA ATU. Welcome to the July 2020 issue of the MSCC’s Newsletter Maternity Services Consumer Council (MSCC) Turns 30! In April, in the middle of…
Issue 115

Issue 115

We look at the evidence that supports primary birthing options and the state of primary birthing units in several parts of the country.
Pregnant woman and midwife discussing options while midwife feels her pregnant belly

Issue 114

We compare local and national maternity statistics to see if midwifery care throughout the maternity experience supports physiological pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding, and reduces the rate of interventions experienced by birthing mamas. We share…
Issue 113

Issue 113

We summarize the data in the 2017 Report on Maternity, specifically in terms of its impact on breastfeeding. Our analysis is accompanied by statements from women who responded to the 2018 on-line survey.
Close up of a baby's hand and lips

Issue 112

In this edition, MSCC has continued to “mine” the data provided by women, to the joint on-line maternity consumer survey undertaken by Women’s Health Action, MSCC, MAMA Maternity and La Leche League.
Front cover of the NMMG 5th Annual Report 2017

Issue 111

An in depth look at a number of the areas of the maternity services investigated by the NMMG and add consumer feedback relating to these from the online national consumer survey that was co-sponsored by…

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