Your right to Informed Choice

This resource is the fifth in our Your Choice series, the title was carefully chosen as it is important that women and their families/whanua understand that they do have a choice and that includes saying No, or asking for more information.

It contains information on

  • It contains information on
  • the rights and responsibilities of care providers and a mothers legal right
  • a list of common medical interventions that women and their family/whanua need to make informed choices about
  • a list of questions and considerations that mothers may wish to bring for discussion withtheir LMC
  • a decision making tool

Our aim is to provide women and their family/whanua with a tool that will enable them to make an informed choice on the seemingly ever increasing list of pregnancy and birth procedures/interventions that are right for them.

Life carries risks, so does pregnancy and birth. There are no zero risk choices. Today’s maternity care culture focuses on fear and has more faith in medical interventions and technology than the innate ability of women to grow, birth and mother their babies. Each woman has the right to weigh up the benefits and risks of any medical intervention and make the choice that is most acceptable to her.

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